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Review: Awoken

Awoken by Serra Elinsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best book for the worst in YA!
Only it really failed to be THE WORST after my recent read. I honestly was liking the book as I was reading it and it got touching in parts. The end climax however got silly in parts with the repetition of words. However overall it’s a good “worst” book. It could have been more horrible in parts, so that was very lacking. I mean if you are going to be racist, don’t half-ass it. The misogyny was almost non-existant. We had Epistola that was the promiscuous scorned woman and Andi was the insignificant female to her might man man. Past that however I didn’t see enough girl hate, super blatant racism, nor horrible domestic abuse that is “sooo romantic”.
Still it was an enjoyable read and it c...

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Review: Pet Noir

Pet Noir
Pet Noir by Pati Nagle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

EDIT: I received this book in a LibraryThing’s Giveaway.

I really wanted to enjoy this book, but with the Noir part comes all the misogyny with it. All the women in the book are either criminals, sex objects or mothers and that includes the cats. YES, even the female cats are only there for Leon’s pleasure. Women are spoken of as being “impossible to understand” and other such nonsense. So really the stories were cliche and bland.

Another thing that keeps getting mentioned is food, Leon the main cat is always eating and begging for scraps and food that it’s more or less filler for most of the book. It really felt like a lot of repetition. Overall none of the stories were deep crime thrillers or maybe even noir thrillers.


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