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Review: Night on the Galactic Railroad & Other Stories from Ihatov

Night on the Galactic Railroad & Other Stories from Ihatov
Night on the Galactic Railroad & Other Stories from Ihatov by Kenji Miyazawa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s got a bunch of fairytale like stories at the beginning. One involving anthropomorphic railroad signals in love.
The main story however is about Giovanni and his trip on the Galactic Railroad with Campanella.
Most of the story is fever dream, dream logic style stories involving flat cranes and other things like that. In the end Giovanni gives no shits about Campanella.

I really don’t get why thisi s a classic other than people don’t really understand that it’s mostly nonsense?

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Review: Honor’s Flight

Honor's Flight
Honor’s Flight by Lindsay Buroker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is definitely an improvement over the first book, having no threat of sexual assault to get the point across that someone is evil. The after story however mentions slavers which is almost treading back into that territory.
The book however seems to change up some of the characters skin colors for some odd reason. Beck goes from being black to being “bronze” which reads to me that he has a much lighter skin tone.
Another factor that’s still there is the reliance on Leonidas to get them all out of a situation with his cyborg powers. Which once again means our hero has to rely on a man to bail her out of a situation.
It’s getting better slowly.

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Review: Tokyo Ghoul: Days

Tokyo Ghoul: Days
Tokyo Ghoul: Days by Sui Ishida
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Going to post this in the beginning but it seems that ViZ cut out some of the character art that was in the book. Found some on the TG wiki.
The author here can’t write women to save his life. All of them are somehow evil or simpering.
These stories would have been better if all of them didn’t involve some kind of violence on some part. They all could have been slice of life, but no we have to throw in random violence to spice the story up. The last story is just written so bad that some parts don’t even make sense. It was also about a guy that spends 5 seconds on screen before he’s killed too.

Overall the whole idea that Ghouls are somehow sympathetic characters is killed when the examples of them we have are viole...

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Review: S, Vol. 1

S, Vol. 1
S, Vol. 1 by Saki Aida
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So a police detective and a Yakuza get together in this one. :/ The way they make this happen is that the person in the organized crime gets certain kickbacks if they snitch on others. They are called ‘S’ which means ‘Spy’.
And that about where this ends. While I like some of the info dumping at the beginning it just doesn’t hold up in the end. Not only that the author creates a woman and kills her just to make him related to someone higher in his chain of command. Oh and she was pregnant too so we can have more man pain.

What a little good about this book is that Shiiba gets into the relationship after Munechika’s humiliation which is a terrible trope, but it’s better than him being resistant all the way.
Where this book fail...

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