The Beast Player

The Beast Player Book Cover The Beast Player
Nahoko Uehashi
Pushkin Children's Books
February 21, 2018

An enthralling and sophisticated fantasy story from one of Japan's most popular writers of teen fiction, which has been turned into a popular anime series Erin's family have an important responsibility: caring for the Toda, fearsome water serpents who form the core of their Lord's army. So when a number of Toda mysteriously die, it is Erin's mother who takes the blame, and the punishment - she is sentenced to death. Before she dies she manages to use an ancient, forbidden power to send Erin to safety - leaving her daughter alone, far from home but with the knowledge that both she and her mother are somehow different. Soon, Erin finds she can talk to both the terrifying Toda and the majestic Royal Beasts, who protect the supreme queen of her realm. This knowledge gives her great power, but it also involves her in deadly plots and political gameplaying that she wants no part of. Can Erin save herself and prevent her beloved beasts from being used as tools of war, or is there no way of avoiding the terrible battles to come?


The Beast Player - Nahoko Uehashi, Cathy Hirano

I don’t like the English title because it removes Eren/Erin/Elin’s name. Probably because it’s to feeeeemale.


Overall the book relatively follows the anime, however the beginning of the book jumps straight to the action and the ending is vastly different from the anime. The book also doesn’t have the two “commenter characters” either.

Overall the book gives a lot of perspective that the anime misses.

If you haven’t watched the anime nor read this book, I’d say do both.

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