Review: 王都炎上 (アルスラーン戦記, #1) [The Heroic Legend of Arslan, book 1]

王都炎上 (アルスラーン戦記, #1) [The Heroic Legend of Arslan, book 1]
王都炎上 (アルスラーン戦記, #1) [The Heroic Legend of Arslan, book 1] by Yoshiki Tanaka
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This is probably a better “Game of Thrones”. It’s grimdark, it’s gritty and has “grey morality” however it doesn’t have the rape. The only rape I’ve seen is a short description of what the Lusitainians are doing to emphasize that they are monsters. (They fulfilled their 3 lusts as it was called.) That was it. No long detailed descriptions that the targeted male audience can fap to as ASOFAI has.
As for the story it’s about a King who we think is the good king, but killed his brother to take the throne what that means for Arslan who doesn’t know. All the characters who are trying to figure out what is going on. Enemies that are the cross between the crusaders and the conquistadors and this is all set in fantasy ancient Persia. So everyone has Persian names. (Kodansha actually screws a LOT of them up, not having done the research.)
The female representation is pretty lacking, only having Farangis. However in the book and the picture she chooses to dress in “male attire” and wears armor. (Unlike the manga that has her sexualized for the NEW male audience.)
So what DO have to work with is good. This isn’t a modern book however so I don’t know if Tanaka got better, though from what I’ve seen of the Ryouko anime, it’s pretty good.

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