Review: Moon Chosen

Moon Chosen
Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains rape, threats of rape, racism and homophobia and thus I will be highlighting them

So if you love racist as hell books like “The Continent” have we got a book for you! Also probably want to go read one of those 5★ reviews.
First of all we have Earth Walkers who are the black, maybe dark skinned Asian people based on the fact that “but her eyes were wrong. They were bigger and almost almond-shaped.” Presumable “almost” meaning that her Companion father helped her to get more “normal” white people eyes.
Then there are the Companions. The Tree Tribe. These are the blond haired, blue eyed white people that are “WISE AND JUST” even though they enslave and murder the Earth Walkers and call them Scratchers. I don’t remember if there was a vulgar term for Companions.. probably isn’t one because they are so White and Pure and Wise and JUST! They have dogs. Shephard are better than Terriers. What happened to all the other dogs? Who knows! This is dystopia.
Finally we have the Skin Stealers. They are the cannibals that don’t really do anything except paint themselves like Native Americans, have lots of sex, skin people and eat them. We don’t have a vulgar term for them either.

Now takes all of this together and add a lot of filler and you’ll have this book. This was a very tedious book to get through having so many words that don’t add to the story at all.
We have Mari that whines that she’s not the Moon Woman, yet she fakes being sick and doesn’t really practice. Compare this with Sora that does want to be the Moon Woman, but we are supposed to see her in a bad light because she makes eyes at the guys and acts like a typical person. She’s kind of the princess type that’s weak and is going to need Mari to save her later. She also almost gets raped just to put her in her place.
Then there is Nik the Companions that is also part of the white savior trope that we have going on here. Mari is basically the other half.
Oh then there’s the Night Fever that strikes the Earth Walkers. We don’t know what causes it, but
Drawing Down the Moon Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America by Margot Adler
Drawing down the moon can cleanse them of it. This needs to be performed every 3 days or the women turn into a depressed crying mess and the men turn into violent rapists. :D Fun right?
Now comes the fun when a shepard pup escapes the Treeple and runs off to Mari. So all the Treeple get together to find the pup leading to Mari’s clan where then eventually leads to Mari’s mom dying, Jenna being enslaved, Jenna’s dad being killed, Danita being “raped so bad she might be unable to have children” and pretty much all of Mari’s clan being murdered by the Companions.
Where do the Skin Stealers fit into this? They kind of bait the Companions and set it up for Mari and Nik to meet. The lesbian couple is broken up by one of them dying. That’s about it. Oh and they make Thaddeus evil, even though he was on the path because “Terrier people can’t be leaders so I’m going to kill everyone to make a point.” Then Mari washes the people that the tree people kidnapped and everything is on fire. Then there is maybe a trans person, or a trans cat? Right at the end.
All amongst this is Mari calling her people Scratchers the derogatory name for them that she leart from somewhere.
Now amongst this is just endless spewage of words that you can honestly skim past and still understand what’s going on. Add to this copy paste basic Wiccan rituals that you can find in any 101 book. Cast doesn’t even do this once just to illustrate. No, it’s every. Damn. Time.
So we have maybe Native American stand ins that kill and eat people, paint their bodies and wear their skin.
Black, maybe Asian or Islander men that go “crazy” and rape and kill people when they aren’t washed every 3 days. The women cry a lot and die of a broken heart.
And the white people that kill and enslave the Earth Walkers but who are called “wise and just” by Mari’s mother, who is an Earth Walker.
I could talk about the amazing amount of misogyny going on in here, but I think others have covered it. Because we have that going on too.

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