Review: My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~

My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~
My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~ by Kairi Aragusuku
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book more being a shoujo titles, however as usual it’s the shitty shoujo titles with the highly misogynistic men that get localized.

First of all they don’t use the honorifics and in this story it’s highly relied upon. People of the same age aren’t going to call each other “Miss” and ‘-san’ does not equal ‘miss/ms.’ It’s not the same thing no matter how many translators want to scream it is. So of course we get “Lady Leise” instead of Liese-sama and “master Laut” who is only 10.

As for the story itself, this book is really more about Rag and his shitty man quest to be the most asshole character ever. People want to scream about “Mary Sues” and such garbage but he’s pretty much the embodiment of one and everyone probably thinks he’s cool.
Meanwhile Kanon our protagonist is so inept at everything she needs the male characters help to even use her all destructive power. Fancy that.

Of course Rag Evans is the epitome of a misogynist and we are supposed to be rooting for Kanon and him together, however I’d rather he died horribly at the start.
Next is Serne who the author describes as mature, only she wearing next to nothing (to allow for greater movement you see, something men don’t need?) has no muscle definition and shoves chibi-Rag into her breasts at every chance she gets. Explain how she is mature? She’s a cheap laugh at strong women and how they are broken in some form or fashion.
Kanon is the inept, next to useless hero whom we are following and is it painful.

Then there are the People of Darkness. I am not joking. They work on plantations for the benefit of Renforcer and are sold into slavery. They are all starving and impoverished and yeah. Kanon our fair skinned hero has to show up and save them from their exploitation. At least the author didn’t decide to make them all savages in the bushes with blow pipes and scary masks. So at least there is that.

Overall the crappy translation mixed with yet another shoujo with misogyny in it doesn’t really make for an enjoyable read. I really wish someone would translate decent shoujo.

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