Review: Robopocalypse

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I got a feeling this was going to be “that kind of book” from the first few sentences. “That kind of book” being a dudebro book where all the women are barely there and everything is death, shooting and violence with next to no character development. Any development there is involves hurting people, insults, or other displays of machoism.

This is indeed that kind of book. There are only three women at the end of the book. The other disappear or die. The three left over are “fragile pretty” prize that Cormac gets at the end of the book. Mathilda which is the female sidekick that you get in video games that tells you your mission. Doesn’t actually DO anything nor have any agency, she is just there to keep the plot moving. The last one is a humanoid robot named Michiko. She looks human, the only robot to look human and be gendered female. The rest of the robots are “brothers” and male.
All the black people are either dead or disappeared by the end of the book. They do not help the final push to save the world. Other POC fade off or are mostly killed off. The white edgelord bro gets his moment of glory before dying while the other are killed off in gory ways. There’s even a scene where some Osage people leave a Cherokee kid in the middle of some woods swarming with robot to “make him a man”. Note the author is a Cherokee citizen. The way the Nomura is portrayed is like a typical weeaboo would do. Japanese peppered through out his passages. “Akuma” which is akin to demon/devil, Senshi which is warrior/soldier, “Anata” which is darling and endearing term for “you”. Then ‘defense’ is spelled exactly like how people who scream “waifu” would say it. “Defensu”. It’s English, you can make the note that it’s English.
It’s no wonder that Archos wanted to kill everyone. If this is what humans are going to do and how they write really, they deserve death. Humans are only capable of violence and death.
Also it should be mentioned that men are either called by their name or are called “human/the human”. You can guess what women are referred to. “females/the female” . One woman gets a scar and is called “pretty” by the author. It’s rather telling how little the women are given any agency past “the female”. One senator dies the noble heroic death where she “runs out of stamina to climb a fence” and makes the sacrifice to save her children. Plenty of shitty scenes like that.
As for the book itself, it reads like a bad B movie with scenes of gore being described, guns, things blowing up people dying. You can probably pick any B movie and you’d get the same feel for the story.
Honestly that Ibis book I read had more nuance with the characters, even if all the women were just sad male sexual fantasies. The Izanami book even had a woman that *gasp* was a major player. This book is just sad and pitiful.

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