Review: The Violet Knight

The Violet Knight
The Violet Knight by Yohna
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So this book is slightly better than My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~, the other Cross Infinite Worlds title. By that I mean that Luca isn’t a raging misogynist. That being said it’s still a typical shoujo story where the main character tries to do something, often helping her friends, and gets admonished by the males in the story that she should just be a passive doll for saving where she’ll then feel that it’s all her fault that everyone is in trouble because of her.

Whelp, besides the force “marriage”/bonding of Yuki and Luca where she has no idea what it means to be bonded or even what’s going on, we have many nice scenes where she want to do something to save people and after she save a small boy towards the end of the story, Luca hit her and she of course runs from his abusive ass as she should. Then of course she gets caught by Orga and tortured all the while blaming herself for everything that is happening. He fucking hit her and she thinks it’s OK. This is something I see a lot in “romance” books and it’s just tiring that abuse is always framed in this OK way as if there was some failing on the abused part. As if it really was their fault.
The book doesn’t stop there.
Next we have the witches of the story being the living embodiment of “feminist” girl hate. “Feminist” here of course meaning man hating, but also loving. For a witch to stop aging, she has to have sex with a man. Yes. You heard that right. BTW all witches are female. Men get to be mages and are cool and people like them. Witches are evil and tempt men and hate mundane women and.. UGH.

Also all the while Yuki was waiting for her execution she never talked about her father, even though she remembered that his name could be important. She could have probably gotten out of that situation but NO.

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