Dungeon Complete – Book Of Molime I

Book of Molime

The Grand Maze has been around for as long as anyone knows. Daily many go into the maze, however none have ever reached the bottom. An out of work Bladenzer, changes jobs to the more profitable healing trade and returns to the maze to see if she can find the end and make a bit of coin doing it. However one does not delve into the Maze alone, she drum up a rag tag band of followers to help her along the way. What lurks below the town and what secrets do the monsters have there?

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3 comments to Dungeon Complete – Book Of Molime I

  • Mandy  says:

    I liked it, though there were some spelling errors and it seemed to ramble on at times. So, is the entire series about this group of adventurers, or are there several? And on the off chance you need an editor, I’d like to try out.

    • admin  says:

      There’s going to be 2 books in the series and yes it’s about groups of adventurers. I’m keeping the ‘Dungeon Complete’ series about people going into labyrinths and such. Really inspired by Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey. If you find spelling errors please tell me, I did my best to find most of them that escaped the spellcheck.

  • Deneme Safari  says:

    Superbe blog, qui transpire la passion à l’état pur …

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